Poles out on their ear! – Fashion & Festivals

Save the flag!

Save the flag!

You must’ve heard by now that Reading and Leeds festivals are banning flags. I couldn’t give a shit about Leeds and I don’t have an effinity to Reading, but seriously….is this the way things are going!?

I suspect this is more about broadcasting than complaints from the customer. Perhaps the 100’s of cameras won’t be able see every inch of the stage, perhaps the inch of the stage they miss will have some big money corporate sponsor blazoned across it.

Ban the twats!

Ban the twats!

Festivals are bigger business than they’ve ever been. Festivals are fashionable again. Twats who 5 years ago wouldn’t have even considered spending a weekend in a field listening to music played on instruments, are now treating them as a big muddy cat walk. Dedicated clothing lines at the high street, Millets selling cow print tents and Hunter doing a roaring trade in £100 luminous fucking wellies for idiots who usually spend their weekends at Bluewater.

They restrict people’s view they’re saying. I’m 6ft 3″……even I don’t get a good view at festivals! it’s certainly not because of flags. I still have a good time. It doesn’t take away from my experience. I don’t listen to music with my eyes.

Festival crowds are about getting involved. Jumping about a bit, chucking some stuff and getting sweaty. You can watch the performance on the box when you’ve recovered. Chances are you’ll be too hammered to even remember who you saw anyway, let alone what sort of stage presence they had.

If you really want to enhance the festival experience. How about telling the Fern Cotton wannabes of the world who go to festivals to show off their new jean shorts, headbands and curly hair to fuck off. Better still, ban flags at V. Anyone who has a complaint about Reading can go there and listen to The Script.  Leave the proper festivals to the proper music fans.

Do one.




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5 responses to “Poles out on their ear! – Fashion & Festivals

  1. I couldn’t agree more. People who just go to Festivals to be scene (read: seen) and aren’t actually there for the bands etc has been a longstanding problem at festivals and gigs for too long.

    • Nina Singh

      Leave the twats alone! They are just having fun… why does it have to be all about the music?! What happened to just having the experience… how boring would the festivals be if it was full of people who were all about the music. The twats serve a purpose… to entertain the “Music snobs”.

      The comments about curly hair- cut deep.

      • rantinnravin

        You’re awarded 1st prize for most convincing argument. Great comment.

        It’s the faux curly hair that’s the problem. Not beautiful dark flowing Sinita esq locks. Anyone with hair like that is very lucky……and very pretty.


  2. Edmondo

    I think the real question here is why do these flag people feel a need to wave flags. Clearly they is not right in the head.

    Oh look at me I have my country flag with me and now the band will know that I came all the way from East Buttface for the Glastonreading festival. No one cares Pedro. The band heard that the latest cuttie from E4 is dishing out blowjobs like day old donuts back stage and they want part of the action.

    No one else cares either except the other moron that brought a flag. If you only got another moron to back you up clearly you are on shaky ground.

    You see the flag isn’t the problem is it? It is the twats that are the problem. If you ban the twats then the flags will go away. If you just ban the flags the twats will still be there and they will come up with something new to annoy everyone with.

    Of course if you banned the twats the festivals would be about a third full.

  3. Nina Singh

    Brilliant! You have won me over. x

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