Zim Zimmer who got the keys to my bimmer?…bus it is then.

It’s been a while.  Again.  Apologies for that.  I’m going to be knocking out some thick and fast posts so make sure you keep checking in.

Last time round I was preparing for the End of the World Halloween party.  Seems ages ago now.  Anyway, as promised, here’s some pics.

 Cheers to Alice for sorting out the contacts.  Better than the pieces of shit I wore last year.  I went for the cheapest one’s I could find and they were a fucking nightmare.  Pretty much just a circle of tip-ex on cling film.  I had no depth perception, not the best when you’re trying to navigate your way around the underground.  Ditched them after about an hour and a few pictures.  Contacts lenses are like tomato ketchup.  Cheap one’s are shit.   No such problems this year.  Vision was a bit blurry but I won’t be laying the blame at the contacts door.


Halo4 Halo11 Halo2


Last requests was the music policy for the night.  Particular highlights for me were General Levy and Beanie Man.  I know a few of our bunch were pretty blown away by my MC skills.  I’m pretty sick on the M-I-C to be fair.  Quick stepped out of my mind.  Gave this guy a run for his money…..not on the trouser front obviously.  Hands down champ there.  

 The recent Circus Freaks and Halloween parties have reiterated that the best “do’s” are fancy dress based.  Everyone goes nuts.  Do a party.  Do it fancy.  Invite me.


Halo13 Halo12




By the way.  Everyone was mad on Halloween this year.  3rd biggest money spinning “holiday” after Xmas and Easter now they reckon.  Had a conversation with a guy on the bus home.  Turned round and he’s done up like a lizard.  Caught a glimpse of myself in the window and realised how mental it was at 4 a.m.  Should’ve taken more pics really.  Let’s not get so into it that we stay at home handing sweets out to kids, like those lot over the pond.   Keep it as an excuse to get messy, for teenagers to get a bit of money for weed and for the hoodies to get away with muggings for one night a year.  Keep it sinister.  Keep it UK!

Over and out for now.  Got bigger blog fish to fry.




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One response to “Zim Zimmer who got the keys to my bimmer?…bus it is then.

  1. I saw the video for “Whiter Shade of Pale” by Procol Harum the other day. The singer reminds me of you. I wouldn’t say it’s a spitting image but there are definite similarities.

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