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Bare Bones – issue 3


Coming to you from the cleverest, most handsomest, most loveliest and most bestest scribbler in all of the land (that’s my buddy Harry Malt for those of you too bloody stupid to not know already) is the imminent release of Bare Bones issue 3.

Now I’ve told you about this loads before but it’s getting better and better and bigger and bigger.  They’ll again be knocking out 90 A5 prints from the 30 featured artists, all for the meagre sum of twenty squids…….I’ll be looking to replace the two that bird of mine seems to have lost since the issue 2 run.

To launch they’ll again be exhibiting at the Nue Gallery near Brick Lane from 1st April and running until….I don’t know…..a bit after that…..a couple of weeks….a month….fuck knows.  It’s really worth getting yourselves along at some point though.

The paper will be available to download sometime after the 1st.  Probably when Malt recovers from the his inevitable fools hangover.  Should anyone out of London (or the local lazy’s) want a physical copy, I’ll grab you one and send it on….fuck it….I’ll even pick up the postage.  Nice guy I am.

You can download Bare Bones issue 2 here – after felching and Gerbilling vids, it’s probably the best thing you could get from the interweb…..and it won’t get you in trouble with the missus…unless she loves Maggie Thatcher and deplores banana mutilation….in which case you should probably fuck her off anyway.  Silly cow.

Perhaps I’ll see you there.  Perhaps I’ll talk to you…..but probably not.

Now piss off.



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Foals – Total Life Forever

I like Foals.  Have done since I, along with the rest of the world, got hold of their demo’s.  There was a bit of a wait for the debut album, unfortunately in that time they were so hyped they were never going to meet expectations.  Poor bastards.  I liked Antidotes.  Really liked it in-fact.  Even if the production left a little to be desired.

This new album is brave.  Moving away from the fast paced punchyness that got them so many fans, they’ve gone for a much more downbeat approach in Total Life Forever.  What I’ve heard I’ve really liked.  The first single Spanish Sahara is just starting to hit the play-lists….well….on 6music anyway.  It’ll probably be on Radio 1 in about August (we really don’t need 6 Music anymore do we!).  It’s ace.  Really fucking ace.

Ok, so the atmospheric spaceyness vibe seems a bit on trend what with The XX & Animal Collective albums doing so well last year, but so what.  It’s complicated, it’s layered, it’s intelligent and it’ll take time to really appreciate.  All good things in my eyes.

It’ll be keeping the lovers of immediate Kasabian type dross at bay……hopefully.  A gain in popularity whilst retaining credibility isn’t an easy thing to do.  I think they’ll manage it.  The average Joe wants more than a tub thumper now days.  Don’t they?

If they can follow up the album with good live performances, I think they’ve got the potential to make some pretty big strides in 2010.  I’m right behind them

Check it!


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Gang Starr – Guru get well

When I was about 16 I remember going to Fopp and buying every Tribe Called Quest and The Pharcyde album.  They were in the £5 section.  I even think The Low End Theory and People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm were £3.  Probably the best money I’ve ever spent!

I didn’t think you could beat those guys.  Then I splashed out £7 on Gang Starr’s Step in the Arena and it absolutely blew me away.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’d been listening to a lot of Jazz around that time and that’s the first thing that hit me with Gang Starr.  It was like nothing I’d heard before.  Guru’s delivery and DJ Premier’s Swing influences were/are pretty incredible.

Guru had a heart attack this week and is in a coma.  He’s only in his mid 40’s.  I’ve been listening to alot of them the past couple of days.  I forgot how many amazing tracks they have.

Anyone out there who dismisses Hip Hop out of hand has no idea about music in my opinion, and they’ve certainly never given any time to Gang Starr.

For dealing with difficult social issues eloquently and with poise, for incorporating their influences from some of the deepest roots of black American music, and for creating something genuinely original they achieved something truly memorable.

At their best they are more relevant and insightful than anything else I can think of.

Take some time to give them a listen if you haven’t before.




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The Drums Best Friends are The Psychedelic Furs

Right.  Just a quick one.  The Drums were on Lauren Laverne’s 6 Music show this morning.

Their track “I felt stupid”, has been about for a while and I like it a lot, but this new release “Let’s go surfing” from the same self titled EP is a step up.

I’ve been liking the sounds coming out of Brooklyn for a while now, and this with it’s 80’s synth vibe and nods to the Beach Boys and New Wave is no different.  Surf Pop from New York, who’da thunk it!?

Sounds mightily like  Heaven by The Psychedelic Furs to me.  If I was Richard Butler I’d be keeping a close eye on them! See what you think.

They’ve got the potential to be pretty big.  I won’t be saying no to listening to them outside in the sunshine at a festival that’s for sure!

Similar?  Or just me?




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As a general rule of thumb, band DJ sets suck dick.

I was planning to fill you in on New Year.  I can’t be arsed.  I’m so bored of talking about it.  It was alright.

We made a last minute decision to go to 93 Feet East.  I always give the place the benefit of the doubt as I’ve had some great times in there over the years, but it’s not been great for quite a while now.

Since the Spitalfields regeneration and the  gradual movement of the high street into the area, the bars have inevitably taken a massive nose dive.  They give it a good crack bless ’em with the nights they put on, but unfortunately shops and restaurants set the tone for an area and there’s no getting away from the fact that around Brick Lane it’s fast becoming just another boring high street.

People who think All Saints is  an anywhere near a credible brand, and eating in Giraffe isn’t just something you do if you can’t be bothered to walk anywhere else, well, they’re not the sort of folk who are going to be creating a good vibe for your evenings entertainment are they?  How many interesting people do you know who have ram skulls on their jumpers?……the answer to that is none…..if you think you do then I’m sorry to break it to you, but you’re wrong.  Nice, friendly and a laugh they may be, but interesting they ain’t.  Superficial?  You bet.

Anyway.  That’s not what I want to talk about.  I might do something in more depth on Brick Lane soon, what with the East London line extension on it’s way, there’s going to be alot of social issues surrounding the area in the coming years.  There’s going to be some interesting debates to be had.  I say debates.  I mean me telling you what’s right.

Right then.  NYE.  We had Wild Beasts and Doves DJ sets.  Now, I’m a big fan of Wild Beasts.  Their album Two Dancers would be in my top 3 of 2009 and Doves, everyone likes them right?  But what’s the deal with bands doing DJ sets now days? It’s got massively out of hand over the past few years.

I’ve got nothing against it if they’re good, but I reckon a good 80% of them really haven’t got a fucking clue.  I’m not suggesting they don’t know anything about music, most of them are fairly successful musicians and you don’t get that unless you’ve got some vague musical ability.  But there’s alot more to DJ’ing than just playing tunes you like, which is essentially what this lot are doing.

I’m not after technical turntable ability, I couldn’t really care less if you can seamlessly mix a couple of tunes, but the lack of any sort of coherence between one track and the next is just fucking annoying.  Don’t build me up with Dirty Projectors one minute and slap me onto the floor with Beyonce the next (I like Beyonce by the way, just not next to experimental Rock).   It’s even more annoying to think that they probably get paid a shit load more than someone who’s a million times better but who doesn’t have a ticket selling name.

Worse than band DJ sets, are sets from little arseholes like Peaches fucking Geldoff.  Not only does she not have any musical ability, that “musician” Father of hers who made her famous didn’t even have any! I imagine her friends bands are pretty terrible, but if she was at least getting her grubby mitts on early releases and stuff like that you could maybe understand it, but you just know that she’s playing Cindy Lauper in some uber ironic way while trying to muster a smile out of that simpleton meat face of hers.

I’m done.

Oh and by the way, for any jokers out there.  I am aware that Doves were formerly Sub Sub (hits include Ain’t no love, ain’t no use) and they have quite a credible DJ history at The Hacienda.  I wouldn’t lump them in with the rest if they hadn’t played at least a half of the As Heard on Radio Soulwax album in one hit.


Make sure you listen to the Dirty Projectors tune.  It’s ace!


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Bad Ass illustrating – Bare Bones: Issue 2

Right.  Let’s get busy.  I’ve got some mad catch-up to do.  Been taking quite a bit of time off work lately.  Trying to use up holiday before the end of the year.  I’m definitely missing a trick.  Next year I’ll be taking my quota by May and chucking in sickies every other Monday and Friday for the rest of the year.  Some of the people I work with must live in fucking dungeons judging on how many “colds” they get.  Suppose I should feel sorry for them not having luxuries like central heating, hot water and fruit.  I’m half expecting to see an appeal e-mail asking for a fiver a month when I come into work now days.

If you could spare just £5 a month you could save my ears from listening to people constantly complain about how busy they are…….actually I think I might get the appeal going.  Could get the sickly fuckers some multi-vitamins for a start.

I’m a bit of a dour bastard today.  I think I’m just a bit annoyed about missing the Xmas party to be fair.  I think I’m more annoyed at the fact that there appears to be zero gossip.  No fingering in the toilets, nuffin.  There should always be someone dreading coming to work the day after.  It’s a rule that should never be broken.  I remember I was the talk of my first ever office party when I was 17.  Took until February for the gossip to stop.  Dishing a bit of stick out to a slapper at work is probably my favourite bit of Xmas and I don’t even get to do that this year.  Fuck it.  I might just make something up.  They’ll wish they stood on a table and got their tits out.  That’ll learn ’em.


First up there was the Bare Bones 2nd issue exhibition.  Managed to worm our way in after about an hour of hiding from the crowds in the Owl and Pussycat.  Worth the wait it has to be said.  Good it was.  Had some of the housemates find their favourite page.  Gilbey had 3 favourite pages…..although I suspect he just likes a bit of a pose.




Javvy rocked up looking like Del Boy and started taking pictures of people’s eyes for some reason.  Someone suggested he was trying to rip off Rankin.  Whoever said that must’ve been pretty stupid.  The only Rankin he knows is the wafty garage MC from the nineties.  They came out alright though.  More to do with the fancy camera than any idea of photography or art.



 In a new move the featured artists are producing limited runs of original A5 pieces for twenty quid a pop.  Some really good bits there.  Having turned up quite late I did miss out on a few that I would’ve definitely gone for.  Namely this one by my old mate Harry Malt.  Those of you who check in regularly would know that the inspiration behind this was our night in watching that crap Channel 4 3-D stuff.  I should surely be entitled to a percentage of the sale.  That’s the way it works right?


 I did pick up these two rather lovely bits though.  You can’t go wrong with a bit of Johnny Cash can ya.  Just have to get my arse in gear and get them framed now.


 There’s also some larger works going for (I think) £120.  Again, there’s some really decent stuff.  Bit of an investment as well.  I can’t imagine you’ll lose any money on them.  Any of the stuff would make someone a nice Xmas present.  Get yourselves along and check it out for yourselves.  Or have a look at the gallery web-site and see if anything takes your fancy on there.  Either way.  CHECK.IT.

I think I’ll have to call it quits for now.  This seems to have turned into a quite monstrous post.

Just one last thing.  The night coincided with Frieda’s birthday so we were all back to ours for a bit of a dance around the kitchen after.  The wife proper stacked it on the way home.  Probably the funniest thing I’ve seen since….well….she last fell over.  She’s still complaining about the rather huge grazes on her knees.  Frieda stacked it in the kitchen but still managed to carry on and complete her now obligatory table top dancing.

All in all a good night/morning.  A few sorry looking people wandering the streets of Hackney……or having breakfast and lunch in Mare St Spoons.  Dirty bastards.

I’ve got a couple of spare copies of the 2nd issue at home.  If anyone wants one then send me a message.  I’ll even pick up the postage.  I’m a fucking great guy like that.

Over and out for now.




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Daisy Lowe makes me look at something other than her arse.

Vodpod videos no longer available.     

Sometimes when I see Daisy Lowe’s name appear up on my Twitter feeds I find it hard to justify why she’s there, other than simply to remind myself that she exists and hope there might be a picture involved.      

Completely and utterly gratuitous

I know about Black Cab Sessions.  They’ve put me on a few things over the past couple of years (check this as well it’s ace), although it’s been a while since I’ve checked in, but when Daisy tells me to check something out, I check it out*.      

I only know the name Holly Miranda because her band The Jealous Girlfriends won an iPod music comp at some point. That’s about where my knowledge ends. Pretty pathetic.      

Still. I’ll give them a proper look now. Better late than never hey.      

It’s a really beautiful cover. She’s got an incredible voice.      

Cheers Miss Lowe. All you need to do now is knock up some beautiful textiles like your Mum (I love her Mum) and you’re well on your way to my top 5.  You lucky cow.      

If anyone has a problem with me liking beautiful textiles then….well….nothing really…..fuck yourselves.      

That’s it.      


*Not entirely true


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