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Foals – Total Life Forever

I like Foals.  Have done since I, along with the rest of the world, got hold of their demo’s.  There was a bit of a wait for the debut album, unfortunately in that time they were so hyped they were never going to meet expectations.  Poor bastards.  I liked Antidotes.  Really liked it in-fact.  Even if the production left a little to be desired.

This new album is brave.  Moving away from the fast paced punchyness that got them so many fans, they’ve gone for a much more downbeat approach in Total Life Forever.  What I’ve heard I’ve really liked.  The first single Spanish Sahara is just starting to hit the play-lists….well….on 6music anyway.  It’ll probably be on Radio 1 in about August (we really don’t need 6 Music anymore do we!).  It’s ace.  Really fucking ace.

Ok, so the atmospheric spaceyness vibe seems a bit on trend what with The XX & Animal Collective albums doing so well last year, but so what.  It’s complicated, it’s layered, it’s intelligent and it’ll take time to really appreciate.  All good things in my eyes.

It’ll be keeping the lovers of immediate Kasabian type dross at bay……hopefully.  A gain in popularity whilst retaining credibility isn’t an easy thing to do.  I think they’ll manage it.  The average Joe wants more than a tub thumper now days.  Don’t they?

If they can follow up the album with good live performances, I think they’ve got the potential to make some pretty big strides in 2010.  I’m right behind them

Check it!



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Flavour of the month.

Since hearing their Blood Red Moon demo at the beginning of the year and listening to a few tracks on youtube, I’ve been waiting patiently for the debut album.  It’s here.  It doesn’t dissapoint.  Dark.  Simple.  Beautifully arranged with hints of Dub.  Amazing.

I tried to catch them at Field Day a few weeks back but I was too busy trying to get in the fucking place and have a piss.  By the time I got there I couldn’t get anywhere near the tent they were playing in. 

I also missed their latest shows at Hoxton Hall (is that place new or what?  I’ve never heard of it!)

They play again soon.  I for one will be there.  In the meantime it’s perfect for even the hardest of Sunday hangovers, it’ll be getting a fucking caining at my house.

Spotify it.  Even better, buy it.  With not much cross over appeal, bands like http://www.myspace.com/thexx need your support.




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